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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Part 10 - Kaiser-Friedrich Museum

Check out part 10 and blow up the bridge from the Kaiser-Friedrich Museum in this walkthrough of Rebellion's new sniping game, Sniper Elite V2.


Now I was improvising. Nothing in our intel had indicated that Schwaiger was a friendly. This made him a potential asset. I had to find him.

Only one problem. Berlin wasn't a ghost town any more. The Reds had broken through the German lines and a tank unit was heading straight for where Schwaiger was being held.

The Krauts were making a stand at Museum Island. I was happy to let them rot but helping them slow the Reds was by best chance of buying some time.

My plan was an audacious one. To blow up the bridge with a shot from the top of the museum, stop the tanks dead in their tracks.

Then while the Krauts and the Ivans fought it out, I could head into town and get Schwaiger.

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