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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Part 18 - Opernplatz

Check out part 18 and sneak around the Opernplatz to rescue Schwaiger in this walkthrough of Rebellion's new sniping game, Sniper Elite V2.


Schwaiger: Make it quick.

Soldier 1: I always do.

Soldier 2: Find him!

Soldier 3: Find him.

Man: You're hit. Let me take a look.

Schwaiger: No time. The rats are coming. You hold them off. I'll be fine.

Man: But I need information.

Schwaiger: Hold them off. If you don't, we're both dead.

Soldier 4: Over there!

Schwaiger: They're near the entrance. Stop them, before they get inside.

They've made it inside! Watch out!

Soldier 5: Find him! Keep your eyes open. Kill the intruder. Look around.

Soldier 6: I'll find you.

Soldier 7: He's in her somewhere! Keep your eyes open. Look around. Keep looking!

Soldier 8: It's him!

Soldier 9: Stop him!

Man: The assault was over. We were safe, for now.

Schwaiger: Thank you for the rescue, but I fear that it was a waste of time. Wolff has a plan. We too work at Tabun.

Man: Tabun? Where's that?

Schwaiger: Not a, not a place.

Man: What is it then? What's Tabun? Answer me!

Schwaiger: It's . . .

Man: Intel had been wrong about Schwaiger. I wondered what else we'd got wrong. Or more importantly, what else we just didn't know, like Tabun. What the hell was that? And what was Wolff's plan?

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