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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Part 19 - St. Olibartus Church

Check out part 19 and sneak around the St. Olibartus Church in this walkthrough of Rebellion's new sniping game, Sniper Elite V2.


Sniper: Whatever Wolf was planning, I'd have to worry about it later. I had fresh intel on Muller. He'd been transferred to take command of the Tiergarten Flak Tower. I don't like improvising, but HQ reckoned they'd found a location for the shot, and they'd sent an air drop with plans and supplies. Trouble was, the flyboys had missed the drop zone. They'd managed to land it in the worst possible location: at the top of a church tower. The only question was, who would I find waiting for me, the Gerries or the Reds? No doubt they'd be expecting me.

German soldier: [German dialogue 00:00:53]

German soldier two: [German dialogue 00:02:31]

German soldiers: [German dialogue 00:05:33]

German soldier three: [German dialogue 00:06:36] What was that?

German soldier four: [German dialogue 00:06:42]

German soldiers: [German dialogue 00:08:24]

German soldier five: [German dialogue 00:09:57]

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