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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Part 30 - Karlshorst Command Post

Check out part 30 and sneak around the in this walkthrough of Rebellion's new sniping game, Sniper Elite V2.


Man 1: Somewhere outside Berlin, Wolff and his Russians were getting ready to wipe out London. But I still had no idea where the launch site was. I had the location of Wolff's office, in the heart of the city and if I couldn't find what I needed there, a government ministry building located nearby might provide some answers.

The Battle of Berlin was at its height now. Close quarters fighting on every street. Snipers on every rooftop. Tanks on every bridge and square. The Germans were burning their documents to stop them falling into Russian hands. I had to move quickly.

Man 2: Die!

Man 3: He's here somewhere. Don't let him get away. He's here somewhere. Keep your eyes open.

Man 2: Die!

Man 4: We're under attack!

Man 5: I'll kill you!

Man 6: Suppress them! Kill them off! Bring them down! Cover!

Man 7: Find him.

Man 8: Over there!

Man 9: Come out, Sniper. Kill the sniper! Give it up! Kill the sniper!

Man 3: Look around.

Man 10: Stop him!

Man 3: Keep looking.

Man 11: Kill the sniper! Kill the intruder!

Man 12: Open fire!

Man 3: He's here somewhere.

Man 13: Engage the enemy! Find him. Over there!

Man 14: Kill the sniper!

Man 15: Reloading! Kill the sniper!

Man 16: Kill the sniper!

Man 17: You can't hide!

Man 18: Ready your weapons! Fire!

Man 19: Kill the intruder!

Man 20: It's him!

Man 21: Reloading!

Man 22: Stop him!

Man 23: Open fire!

Man 24: He's here somewhere! We're under attack!

Man 25: New clip!

Man 26: Die, scum!

Man 27: Help! Help!

Man 28: Attack!

Man 29: Die, dog!

Man 30: Open fire!

Man 31: Contact!

Man 32: Engage!

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