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Sniper Elite V2 Ending - Part 37 - Brandenburg Gate

Check out part 37 and sneak around the in this walkthrough of Rebellion's new sniping game, Sniper Elite V2.


Man 1: Enemy over there.

Man 2: Kill the sniper.

Man 3: You can't win. Give it up! Die dog.

Man 2: Kill the sniper.

Man 3: Die, swine.

Man 2: Kill the sniper. Open fire. Fire! Engage the enemy. Stop him! The sniper, it's him! He's here somewhere. Look around. Fire! Die swine, open fire.

Man 1: Take cover! He's here somewhere. It's him. Find him! You're here somewhere. Find him! Keep your eyes open!

Man 2: Come out sniper!

Man 1: Keep looking. Ready your weapon. Keep looking. Find him.

Man 3: Die, dog.

Man 2:Here's here somewhere. Over there! Die, scum. Ready your weapons! Stop him.

Man 3: Die, swine.

Man 1: Attack!

Man 2: Keep looking! Look around. Over there!

Man 1: Engage the enemy.

Man 3: Die, dog!

Man 2: Enemy over there!

Man 1: Man down! Man down! We're not done yet! We're under attack!

Man 2: Help! Man down!

Sniper: The battle of Berlin ended at 8:23 the next morning, May second 1945. When Commander General Weidling submitted the surrender of German forces to General Zhukov of the red army. Within a few days, the way ended. But already, a new war was beginning. The cold war and I was its fist soldier.

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