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How to Do the 6/9 Card Magic Trick

Learn how to do the 6/9 card trick with step-by-step instructions from magician Jason Suran in this coin and card magic tricks revealed Howcast video.


Speaker 1: So I've got a lovely assistant here. Would you do me a favor?

Speaker 2: Sure.

Speaker 1: Would you go ahead and cut the cards wherever you like? Great, just like that and then we'll take this packet here and we'll mark the place where you cut. We're going to try a little experiment with magnetism. You know the earth has a magnetic field, obviously. We're going to try and tap into that field ourselves, and you're going to help me out with this, Okay? Sounds good?

Speaker 2: Sounds cool.

Speaker 1: Alright, let's try this here. Would you do me a favor? Take two cards from the place you cut, and I won't look. Do me a favor, look at them really quickly and go show them to the camera and I won't look. Good? And what I want you to do is slide them anywhere into the deck that you like. Right there? Believe it or not, just by touching them you've actually magnetized those cards a little bit, but you don't have to take my word for it because with just a little bit of magnetism and a little bit of magic, I can take those cards....

Speaker 2: Wow.

Speaker 1: ... right back out. Okay, so that's the six, nine trick. I'm going to show you guys how that works right now, would you like to see? Alright, this is really cool. Believe it or not, these weren't the cards you had, and this is a trick you can do entirely with an unprepared deck of cards. You have to set the deck up a little bit, but it's a totally normal deck. You can do this with a regular 52 deck. The cards you pulled were actually not the six of clubs and the nine of spades, but the six of spades and the nine of clubs. Now you're probably wondering how I got you to choose those cards, well that's something we magicians call force. Now here's how this force works, it's called the crisscross force. Before I show that, though, I'm going to show you the secret setup.

You want to begin the trick with a six of spades. It doesn't matter, but generally six of spades right there on the bottom. A six and a nine look pretty much alike. The brain has a hard time separating them, which is why we use a six and a nine for this effect. So we put the six of spades on the bottom and we put the nine of clubs right on top. Above that we put the six of clubs and then on top of that we put the nine of spades.

Now what's going to happen is we're going to force her those two top cards, the two top cards being the six of clubs and the nine of spades. We're going to force her those cards. Here's how we're going to force her those cards. When you cut the deck, you have the choice to put the deck wherever you want. I had you mark it with the bottom half. Then I took your attention away from the deck by talking about magnetism, by discussing the trick with you, right? When we come back to the deck, I asked you to take two cards from the place you marked. In actuality, because we don't always remember quite what we did a few minutes ago, most people, in fact this is a pretty effective force, will forget that this was actually the top of the deck. She cut the deck here, but because we use this as the marker in the crisscross formation, I asked her to take two cards in the place she marked, and sure enough she took the nine of spades and the six of clubs.

Then I just put what was the top half right back on top, and we're good to go. She can slide those two cards anywhere she wants, and all I have to do, because remember we got the nine, crease that on top, and the six crease that on the bottom. All I have to do is hold, squeeze a little bit on the top and the bottom card and just the momentum of quickly swinging my arm to this side will actually throw the deck and leave me with just those two cards. I'll show you real quick how it's done. It's really simple, it's just that motion. And you can do it even a little bit faster, you can make it a quick... just like that.

And that's how you do the six, nine trick.

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