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How to Do the 2 Detectives Card Magic Trick

Learn how to do the two detectives card trick with step-by-step instructions from magician Jason Suran in this magic tricks revealed Howcast video.


Hi. Would you guys like to see a really cool trick? Alright. This is one of
my favorites called The Two Detectives. I'll show you why.

What I'd like you to do for me is I'm going to turn around, and I just want
you to take any card that you want. It doesn't matter what. Got it?
Alright. Show it to your sister. Show it to the camera. Got it? Great. What
I want you to do is place it right there on top and just cut the deck in
half anywhere you like. I won't even look. Great. Did you complete the cut?
Would you like to give it another cut or are you good? Your choice.
Alright. Great.

Now neither of us really know where your card is now, but I'm going to try
to find that card using only my powers of detection. Are you ready? Not it,
not it, not it, not it, not it, not it, not it. I'm not going to find it. I
was hoping I might be able to, but you know what? I don't have to be able
to find it because I have the world's two greatest detectives here to help
me. Do you guys think we should use them? Alright. Let's try this out.

We're going to take one detective, and they're both named Jack, go figure.
We're going to put him right on top. We're going to take the other
detective, the other Jack, and put him right on the bottom, right? And
between these two Jacks, one of them is going to help find your card. Are
you ready? We're both, hopefully. Are you guys ready?

Alright. Let's hope the Jacks can do their thing. One, two, and three. That
was it? Is that weird? Is that cool? And that is The Two Detectives trick.
We're going to break it down now.

Now this is not actually that hard to learn, and it's got a great ending
that really impresses people. Here's how this one works. Now I always leave
these two out, but I don't really talk about them yet. I just kind of like
them there so I can get people curious. She does have a totally free
selection of the cards. So go ahead and take a card. It doesn't matter

Now while she's looking at her card and she has to look at some point, I
just take a quick glance at the bottom card of the deck. So it doesn't
matter if they shuffle the deck beforehand because you can always do it
during this part of the effect. I know the bottom card now is the five of
diamonds. That's going to be my key card. This is a really good technique
for finding your card called the key card so that when I put the deck down,
put your card right on top. Go ahead and give it a cut. Great. Complete the

My key card, the five of diamonds, is always going to be right on top of
her chosen card. So all I have to do to find her card is, oh, I'm not going
to find the card. I don't know where is it, la de da. But really what I'm
doing here is I'm looking for her card. Once I found it, I just kind of
separate them. So there's the five of diamonds. There's her card, I'm
guessing, the five of spades. Yeah? So now that I know where her card is, I
just separate the piles. I'm just like, I kind of look. I don't know where
it is.

I just put the deck back together with her card now on top, if that makes
sense. So it's real simple to do. Now I know where her card is, it's right
there on top. So how do I pull it out of the deck? Well, that's where The
Two Detectives comes in. I put one right there. I put it face up on the
bottom. I take the other, and I put it face up on the top.

Now what I do is I actually, as you can see, I leave a little room for my
index finger right there on her card which is this card right up here. So
I've got the deck sandwiched between the two Jacks. So all I have to do to
pull it out is I just literally throw the deck into this hand because by
putting pressure on the two Jacks and a little pressure on her card by my
index there they'll actually stay in my right hand all by themselves. So
all I have to do is go one, two, and three.

And that is how you do The Two Detectives trick.

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