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How to Do the 4 Aces Card Trick

Learn how to do the four aces card trick with step-by-step instructions from magician Jason Suran in this magic tricks revealed Howcast video.


Jason: Alright. Now this is a great trick. This is called Poker Player's Picnic. Can I ask you something? Have you ever played poker?

Woman: No.

Jason: No? You've never played poker?

Woman: No.

Jason: You didn't seem like much of a card player, but I think everybody's
kind of gotten a knack for it. And you actually seem like you might be pretty good at it. Can we test that out?

Woman: Sure.

Jason: Alright. Here. Cut the cards. Do me a favor? Would you
separate the deck into four even piles real quick for me? Good. Just like
so. It doesn't have to be totally even. I'm not even going to touch the
cards. That's how good at poker you might be. Would you do me a favor? What I want you to do. You've separated the piles. So what I want you to do is from each pile I want you to go down the line, just take one, two, and three off the top and deal one, two, three to each pile. Can you do that for me?

Woman: Right here?

Jason: Yeah, right there. One, two, three, and then one, yeah, that's fine. It doesn't matter. Two, three. Perfect. And then right from the next pile, one, two, three. And then one, two, three. Now you said earlier that you've never played poker before, right?

Woman: Right.

Jason: Which makes me wonder how it is that you're so gosh darn good. And that's Poker Player's Picnic. It's a great little routine, and it's
actually very easy to set up. All you're going to do is you're going to
stack the four aces on the top of the deck. That's it. That's literally the
whole thing. You just keep those four aces on the top of the deck at the
beginning, and the trick works itself. It's a self-working trick, like a
couple of others we've shown you.

Now, if you might remember, I kind of made it seem like the deck was on a random order by cutting the cards. That's what we call false cut, and to do that false cut move all you're going to do is you're going to do the
kick cut which you can watch the video if you don't know how to do the kick cut. And you're literally just going to kick it like that.

Now, the action you probably, this thing right here, the squaring up of the deck as it actually was kind of misdirects the attention. It's what
makes the brain feel like the cards are really being cut. So I'm taking the
top half over here, taking the bottom half here, and I'm setting the bottom half right down and the top half on top of it. The deck is literally in the exact same order.

Again, have her separate it into four piles and then starting with the
bottom, so not with the pile with the aces, starting with the opposite
side you just show her how to deal one, two, three onto the bottom of each pile. And then one, two, three to the top.

And that's Poker Player's Picnic.

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