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How to Do the Rising Card Magic Trick

Learn how to do the rising card trick with step-by-step instructions from Jason Suran in this magic tricks revealed Howcast video.


Alright, you guys want to see a really cool magic trick? Yeah? Alright, let's try it. Go ahead and take any card you want. I don't care which. Okay. Got it? Take a look at it. Show it to the camera. Alright, good. Alright. May I? Alright, we're going to take this back, and we're just going to put all the cards back in my little box. Good?


Now, what I want you to do is I want you to focus. I want you to focus as hard as you can on your card, and I want you to start going like that? Could you do that for me? And hopefully, just...


...with a little bit of magic, your card comes right out from the center. Is that pretty cool?


And that is the amazing rising card effect. You guys want to know how it's done?


Alright, something a little bit sneaky again. This time, the sneaky thing is something I do long before the trick. I've actually, and you can see it right here, cut a slit into the back of the box. What that allows me to do is to make the card literally rise out of the deck. Now, there are a couple of nice little subtleties to doing this one effectively, right? I don't even use a key card for this one. I just care if she takes the card, and if she looks at it then, great, we'll put it back. I just put it right on top. The spectator at this point doesn't know what's going to happen, so they're not watching too carefully where you're putting the card. And you just put the pick the box up, and you want to make sure they never see that, right? So you keep the box face down. It's not important right now. It's an insignificant box, and you want to treat it as such. But you pick the box up, you slide the cards right in, right? Just like so. And you ask them to focus on it. I think that's really important, you know - that they really have the card in mind - because then they feel like they're really making the magic happen. So all you're going to do is go like that for me again, and, oh my god, just like that. It's pure magic.

Now, if you look closely you'll see that that card is coming out from the top of the deck, but from their angle that's actually almost impossible to tell. So what I do to add a little subtlety to it is I just mention it - "There your card comes right out of the middle." And to sell that even more what I do is I slide it back into the middle when I'm putting it away, just so that when they remember it later on, in their memory that card will have both come from and returned to the middle of the pack. And that is how you sell that illusion. It's a great effect. Did you guys like it?


And that is the magical rising card.

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