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How to Do the Wallet Prediction Card Trick

Learn the wallet prediction card trick with step-by-step instructions from magician Jason Suran in this magic tricks revealed Howcast video.


Jason: Now Anne would you help me out with this one again, I guess these are all stand alone. Now Anne would you help me out with this one?

Anne: Sure.

Jason: Would you just go ahead and shuffle those cards, and as you do I'm just going to make a little bit of a guess on something. Let's see. Do you feel good with that shuffle, is that about good. Anne, on this post it note I've made a prediction, alright? What I'm going to do with this prediction is I'm going to fold it up and I'm going to put it right here in the ID slot of my wallet. Does that sound good?

Anne: OK.

Jason: What I'd like you to do, I'm going to put this back here so there's nothing, I can't switch it out, I can't do anything funny with it, it's not even going into my back pocket, I'm going to put this into my back pocket so there's nothing I can do, nothing fishy. What I'd like you to do is I'd like you to start dealing face down, just right here onto the mat, they don't have to be in a nice pile, just toss them into a pile, and whenever you feel inclined to stop you get to stop. Right there? There's no way I could have known you were going to do that right?

Anne: Yeah.

Jason: There's no way I could have predicted that you were going to make that decision. But what I'd like you to do is I'd like you to open up my wallet, and I'd like you to take out that prediction. And please read what it says.

Anne: Seven of clubs.

Jason: And for the first time would you please flip over the card you chose to stop at.

Anne: Seven of clubs.

Jason: Is that a little bit weird?

Anne: Crazy.

Jason: Yeah, I think so. This is actually a really cool force, it's known as the envelope force. It can be done with a wallet, it can be done with a wallet, whatever you choose to put your prediction in becomes the modus operandi of this effect. Now the way it works, the most crucial part of this entire effect in fact is that her pile is such a mess. So thank you for being disorganized for me. Before the trick I did write down seven of clubs there was nothing sneaky going on there. What she didn't know was that the seven of clubs, wherever it is, right here, the seven of clubs was actually in my back pocket the entire time. Once the prediction has been written down, while she's still shuffling the cards I do fold it up, I do slip it into my ID slot right there so there's no way I can get to it.

And all I do is I slide it right on top of a card, now Anne, who was kind enough to deal in such a disorganized fashion for me, which of course I reminded her to do. Remember, you want to tell them, you don't want to keep it in a neat little pile, just deal until you feel like stopping. Stops wherever she likes, and all I have to do then is reach into my back pocket pulling the card with the wallet, keeping it hidden from both the camera and Anne I place it firmly down on the pile.

I let her open it up, I let her take out the prediction, and sure enough her card is right on top.

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