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How to Do the Charlier Cut in Card Magic

Learn how to cut a deck of cards using one hand, aka charlier cut, with instructions from magician Jason Suran in this Howcast magic tricks video.


If you want to add some flare to your card magic, one great way to do it is with a little move called the Charlie Cut. The way it works it's just basically a one handed cut. And it looks just like that. You can do it over and over. You can speed it up a little bit if you want. And it's a great move. It's a great way to cut the cards and it just kind of looks nice.

Now we're going to break it down for you. The way this works is basically you're going to hold it just like this. Two fingers. Your ring finger and your second finger right here on the outer side of the card and your thumb right there on the back. You're going to want to hold it as close to the finger tips as possible because what's going to happen here is you're going to drop half the packet, just like that.

And you're going to want to make sure, what's going to happen to you probably when you're first starting this move out is it's going to kind of hit right there and you're not going to have enough room to sort of swing it over the deck. So you're going to want to practice getting your thumb as much out of the way as possible. You've got these two fingers here, right? And these, your pinky and your index are going to actually support the card on the outside just like that, very lightly. So you're going to drop it, it's going to fall right there, into your palm, just like that, right by your thumb. And your index, while the pinky supports this half right here, the upper portion, the index is going to push this just like that and the cards are just going to fall on top of themselves.

It's a frustrating move to learn. It can take time. If you have smaller hands like me it can be a little bit tricky. All that means though is you're going to have to sort of find you know the sweet spots for yourself. But it's not impossible. Anybody can learn to do this and it looks great once you've mastered it.

Some pointers for this. Just remember, the closer you are to the tips the easier this is going to be for you because it's going to give you more room down here, which is really what it's all about. And remember, keep the pinky right there on that side to support the deck. So all it does is you push, it falls through and you lay it right back down. And you just repeat, and repeat and repeat.

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