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How to Do the Overhand Shuffle in Card Magic

Learn how to do the overhand shuffle with the step-by-step instructions from magician Jason Suran in this magic tricks revealed Howcast video.


You might not always have a table. You might not necessarily wanna do a standard bridge shuffle. A really great way to shuffle the cards up nice and quickly is what's called the overhand shuffle. I'm gonna show it you right now. It's really easy. It's just [card shuffling sounds] that. That's the whole move.

Now this particular shuffle actually has a few advantages that you might not necessarily notice at first. One of which is it allows you to control certain cards around the deck. For instance, if you wanted to control the top card to the bottom of the deck, all you do is you do the same move. And remember, all you're doing with this shuffle is you're, [shuffling sound] you're doing that. Right? You're taking a bit of the packet off the back off the deck. Right? You're taking a packet right here and you're just putting right off the top. You're putting on top, and on top, and on top, until you're at the end of the deck.

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