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How to Do the Ribbon Spread Card Flourish

Learn the ribbon spread card flourish with step-by-step instructions from magician Jason Suran in this magic tricks revealed Howcast video.


So this is the ribbon spread. it's a great way to kind of enhance your card magic and really add a nice presentational flair to it. The way it works is you just set your cards down right on the table and you just give it a nice little spread. Just like that. This is kind of an arched version of it. You can also just do it horizontally and you get kind of this nice lateral version.

Now, basically all you're gonna do to do that is you lay the cards down, your hand goes right on top of your deck. Right? And just with a little bit of pressure, you don't need much. You honestly don't. That's actually gonna hurt your spread. But you want to make sure that you're getting all the cards, because you don't want this. You don't want to be missing half the deck. So, again, you set it down. Your palm goes right on top just like that. And you use your fingers and you just.

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