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How to Do the Packet Toss Card Trick

Learn the packet toss card trick with step-by-step instructions from magician Jason Suran in this magic card tricks revealed Howcast video.


Alright. Now one really cool move you can do when learning to handle a pack of cards is called the Packet Toss. Now you can use this move to cut a deck of cards, or you can do it just to look fancy. It's not that hard. Here's what you do. Basically, you're going to start with the Kick Cut. Now the best way to learn the Kick Cut, which is just this, right, is to watch the video on how to do that move. Once you do though, you're just going to do this little Kick Cut. Right? And you're going to take this bottom packet right here, and you're going to rotate it. So it's right here. You're pinching it right there with your third and fourth finger, and your thumb on the other side. But what you can't see that's really important, is my index finger is curled behind the deck. Just like that. Right?

And what that's going to allow me to do is a move called the Packet Toss. Just like that. So you're probably noticing I'm going under my arm. That's a little bit fancier. It's not much harder to do than just, that. But basically, what's happening here with this move is I'm swinging the cards. Right? Just like that. But because my index finger is here, it's actually causing the cards to stay together in a nice, squared up little packet. Right? So again, I'll do it nice and slow for you. Kick, cut. Right? You're doing the Kick Cut. And then you're rotating it. Right? And the rotation is really easy. From here, this is where you are after the Kick Cut, and you can watch the video on how to do that. I put my middle finger here. And I use it to balance, just like that. Right? So my middle finger's right there, my fourth finger's right there, and I balance it right there with my thumb. Just like that.

And then I switch and I put my middle finger right over on this side. That transfer is probably the trickiest part you're going to have. You don't have to do it. You could also just take half the cards, swing them and toss them. But if you wanted to do it, you can do it just like that. And that's the Packet Toss. And if you'll notice, it is actually cutting the cards. So that's a nice little advantage of it. So.

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