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Magicians & Their Secrets

Learn how magicians feel about revealing the secrets behind their tricks from magician Jason Suran in this magic tricks revealed Howcast video.


You know, I think it's important that there always be a little bit of magic out there, that people can just kind of, you know, go out there and do a search and learn for themselves. I think that's how to get a new generation of magicians. You know every time I think there has to be a little bit of that out there in the world so that people can find out about it and be excited about it.

A lot of people ask, you know, why magicians keep their secrets so closely guarded. For me, I think the biggest reason that that is important and will always be important, you know it's got to do with you know the audiences, it's got to do with you know the fact you know that this is your craft. But I think more than anything, it has to do with respect for the effect, respect for the illusion. I think a lot of people when they get told the secret, you know, that there were two cards, or it was in the other hand the whole time, there's a dismissal that goes on. When the truth is, that's just how the trick works, it's not why it's a great effect, and I think that's a really important reason for why these things are so closely guarded is because you can't really do them justice.

So I hope everything that you're learning today, I hope you take the time to really master. You know do more research on it, practice it over and over, and don't perform it until you're confident that you can kind of preserve that illusion for the people you give it to, and the people you perform it for, because I think that's how magic stays sacred. But more importantly, I think that's how magic stays magical.

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