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How to Do Coin & Card Magic Tricks with Jason Suran

Learn about magician Jason Suran, one of Howcast's experts at coin tricks and card tricks, in this video.


For me, the cool thing about magic is that it challenges the audience to rethink kind of the world around them. It's about storytelling but it's also about showing something they thought was impossible or that, you know, they might not have ever imagined before this. And to me, that's one of the most amazing gifts you can give an audience.

Hi. My name's Jason Suran and I am a professional actor and magician. I've been doing magic all my life and I perform and teach magic all over New York City.

Different audiences want different things, you know, certainly. Kids are actually some of the hardest audiences to fool, when you think about it. Because, as magicians, one of the biggest things we have at our disposal is the notions you walk in with. The conventions you're used to which we use to misdirect you. Children don't always have those notions. Just because you hold your hand like this, they don't necessarily assume that means that there's something in it. Kids are actually some of the hardest audiences to please. You know, they'll be honest with you.

But different people like different things. Some audiences like mind reading. Some audiences like to be visually amazed. Some like to see you pull something out of thin air.

So it's all about, it's all about the crowd and working the crowd and getting a, getting a feel for what, for what it is that's going to leave the biggest impression on them.

For me, card magic is special because it's one of the first forms of magic I ever started doing. And I think it's the basis for a lot of other forms of magic, as well. You know, there's Mentalism. There's coin magic. There's, there's all sorts of different options. But I think the basics and the principles that you learn from card magic, whether it's the slight of hand or just the understanding of how to control a spectator's attention, are invaluable, no matter where you're going with your art.

If you want to learn more about me or contact me for an event you can find me at

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