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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - Introduction

Check out part 1 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


There can be no life without Order. Good,evil...darkness, Light-there must be Balance in the Universe.

Such is the decree of the Charred Council, an ancient body charged by the Creator to preserve the very fabric of existence.

But the Balance has been broken.

Even now, Earth smolders in ruin, fallen to the Demon Lords, and the Destroyer carves a new kingdom amongst his mighty Chosen.

Some say the Horseman War triggered the Apocalypse...that he rode to Earth, unbidden, and doomed all of Mankind.

But what of the other Horsemen, fearless enforcers of the Council's will? What of Fury, Strife...and Death? To know those names, you must first know another.

Nephilim-cursed union of Angel and Demon.

The Nephilim put countless realms to the sword, and burned them to ash.

But Four amongst them grew weary of the slaughter, and feared their conquest would imperil the Balance.

And so, a truce was made: The Four would serve the Council, in exchange for unimaginable power.

Thus were the dreaded Horsemen formed. And the riders' first task was to purge their own brethren from Creation...

To annihilate the Nephilim...

And destroy their souls.

Let us now cast our gaze to one amongst the Four. Not War, who lies chained at the Council"s feet, professing his innocence, but one who would save his brother, above all else.

He has many names- Kinslayer, Executioner...


To bargain for War's freedom, Death swore that he would resurrect Humanity.

But, he knew not how this might be done.

And so, Death rode forth into the ice Veil, to find the Keeper of Secrets.

Find a way to save War

Find the Keeper of Secrets

Glows whenever Despair is available for use.

L1 + R1 Summon or Banish Despair.

R1 to charge with Despair, charging saps stamina.

Run directly towards a wall and jump X to climb the wall.

Press . to attack.

Press R1 to dodge incoming attacks. Time your dodge to avoid damage.

You have found a secondary weapon. Press SELECT now to equip it.

You have found a piece of equipment. Press SELECT at any time to enter your inventory.

Press UP to perform an attack with a secondary weapon equipped.

Press UP to perform an attack with a secondary weapon equipped.

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