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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 4 - Introduction

Check out part 4 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


Crowfather: Voices, always voices. Torment without end.
Horseman: Keeper of Secrets, I need your help.
Crowfather: I helped you once before, Horseman. Look at me now. How I curse that day. How I curse you.
Horseman: Careful, Crowfather, I am not here to put you out of your misery. Not yet.
Crowfather: I know why you've come. Your brother, the one called War. He's been imprisoned by the Charred Council, and awaits their judgement for dooming the Earth. For mankind's extinction. Why should I care about your brother's fate?
Horseman: Because you know the truth. Your secrets can save him.
Crowfather: The Council will condemn War. Strip him of power. Let him rot in oblivion, to hide the truth. My secrets cannot prove his innocence, Horseman.
Horseman: No, but they can help me to erase the crime.
Crowfather: Bring mankind back from extinction? Madness.
Horseman: If it's madness, then who better to show me the way?
Crowfather: Should a way exist, you will find it here.
Horseman: The Tree of Life. Let me pass.
Crowfather: Not yet. That which you gave me, you will take it back.
Horseman: In exchange for it's secrets, you agreed to keep the amulet.
Crowfather: No, the voices, they curse and threaten without end. They cry to return! You must destroy it!
Horseman: I cannot.
Crowfather: You annihilated their flesh. Why do you guard their souls?
Horseman: Open the portal.
Crowfather: You will not pass while I live.
Horseman: So be it.
Crowfather: Here you brethren are trapped in eternal torment. Do you wish to join them? And what of War? Would you kill your brother to save your precious balance?
Horseman: He is innocent.
Crowfather: Are you so certain?
Horseman: Open up the portal. Your secrets die with you, old fool.
Crowfather: My secrets, but not yours.

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