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How to Pick a Hot Stone Spa

Learn how to pick a hot stone spa from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast massage video.


When you're searching for a spa that provides hot stone massage treatment you're gonna definitely going to look for one that's a little higher quality. And make sure that the massage therapist providing the hot stone treatments have been given a thorough education on how to do so. One of the questions that you can ask them is how hot do they heat their stones. Typically they would want to say something between 125 to 145 degrees. If they can't answer that question you probably don't want to be there. I have actually seen people be burned by the stones. This is very uncommon, and it's a sign that the person was not educated on how to handle the stones properly. The stones should never burn you, and this is actually very rare. But just a little bit of education, maybe just asking that question, can save you a whole lot of time. And make sure that you end up getting a really great therapist when you go looking for that spa to get your hot stone massage.

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