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Hot Stone Massage Therapy vs. Deep Tissue Massage

Learn how hot stone massage therapy compares to deep tissue massage from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast massage video.


So, the difference between hot stone and deep tissue massage is essentially, that with hot stones, you're going to be using hot basalt stones. With the heated basalt stones, it's actually easier to access the muscle tissue much faster on a deeper level than with deep tissue massage. So, that might be enjoyable in some circumstances. But, the big difference is though, and why some people might prefer deep tissue massage, is that you can access the body with the hands in a lot more variety of areas and with more nuance than you can with the stones. The stones, while they provide you more depth faster, they actually limit the areas of the body that you can access comfortably. The other nice thing about a great tissue massage is that you're incorporating the flow of Swedish massage in between to sort of, give you that feels so good feeling in between that injury treatment. So, that is the difference between a hot stone massage and a deep tissue massage.

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