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Hot Stone Massage Therapy vs. Cold Stone Massage

Learn how hot stone massage therapy compares to cold stone massage from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast massage video.


So, I sometimes get questions where people ask the difference between a hot stone massage and a cold stone massage. Um, the answer is actually pretty simple. Typically the same stones are used. They’re called the salt stones. The salt stones originate in the mountains and are actually river rocks. They commonly are shaped in these wonderful oval shapes that are typically palm-sized. These is the most common size that there is. And they are both heat and cold conductors, so they carry um, heat very well, and they also carry cold very well. Most people prefer the hot stone massage, so cold stone massage is not very common, and it’s a little more difficult to find. And it’s typically something where you would place the cold stones on the body in order to reduce inflammation um, you know, work with maybe people who have had injuries and, and need to get that inflammation or edema reduced. So, that is essentially the difference between hot and cold stone therapy.

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