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Who Should NOT Get a Hot Stone Massage

Learn who should NOT get a hot stone massage from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast massage video.


So occasionally I get the question, who should not get a hot stone massage? I think from the very beginning it’s probably a good idea to have people over the age of consent, just because you want to be able to know that as an adult you can communicate that maybe the hot stones are too hot or not. So I would suggest that you keep hot stone massage to adults only. And then beyond that, you need to know that there are contraindications for receiving a hot stone massage. And what that means is there are certain conditions that you do not want to receive a hot stone massage at all. And some of these are fairly obvious in that it would be painful to receive a hot stone massage if you did. So some of the more obvious ones would be acne or other broken wounds on the skin. And then also, a big one that’s often overlooked is inflammation. So if you’ve had a recent injury and that area is inflamed, you never want to add heat to it. And those are just a few examples of who I think should definitely avoid getting a hot stone massage. But for all of the rest of you, it’s perfectly safe, and I highly suggest you try it.

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