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How to Place Hot Stones for a Front Leg Massage

Learn where and how to place the stones for a front leg massage from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast massage video.


So now am gonna be showing you how to work out in the front of the leg with hot stones and you're gonna go ahead and gently work around that knee and apply more pressure up in the thigh , when the stones get hot, put them over , the stones really help you get into that muscle tissue much deeper with less pressure and also the heat does as well, it quickly relaxes the muscle and lets the muscle loosen it up and lets you access so much faster than without you're always gonna apply more pressure towards the heart, anyway back down lighter pressure, around that knee area little lighter pressure and then you can really work along edges of the shinbone of the stones , you can either fall right along of the line in that or you could do nice little circular motions , whichever you choose it's always nice to end with one nice long stroke to complete the whole massage and you can finish with those stones up in the feet, and that is a leg massage with hot stones.

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