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How to Place Stones for a Back Massage

Learn where and how to place the stones for a back massage from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast massage video.


So I've selected two basalt stones that are palm sized; you can see they are about the same shape and roundness, there's nice round edges on them and I am going to go ahead and show you how to place those on the back and we're actually going to first give a massage to Gina. The stones are a temperature of somewhere between 135 and 145 degrees; you wanna make sure they are not too hot for your hands. The back can actually take more heat than other areas of your body but you do wanna keep them moving, keep those stones moving. If they feel little bit warm in your hand you can just flip them over while using them and keep going. The temperature of the stones really helps to loosen the muscles and deeply relax the client. When you go on to work on another area of the body you can actually place the stones on the back. You can just place two more stones right there along the spine. Now the rest of that the warmth from those stones will help to relax her while you go and work on another part of the body. And this is how you work with stones on the back.

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