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How to Place Stones for a Facial Massage

Learn where and how to place the stones for a facial massage from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast massage video.


Today, I'm going to be showing you some facial massage. I'm showing you a couple of different shapes of stones here. We're going to go ahead and place this one here. I'll show you how to use that later.

Right now, we're going to use these small stones. They're heated to a nice temperature. You can go ahead and use the stones in a flat manner, like you would typically with the base of your fingers. Just give a nice, gentle massage there, in the same way that you would with your fingertips.

You can actually take the edge of the stones and get in there a little deeper. This is a nice way to access right in those hard to reach areas. You can also use the edge of the stones. Put that point there to access the sinuses, and open those up.

It feels really great to do some circular motions, especially if your clients get headaches. This is nice because it's not just your fingers applying the massage. That heat is accessing into the muscles, relieving.

This is a nice pressure point to relieve headaches. Also, a little pressure here at the top, where they say our third eye is located, is always nice. Some sweeping motions there, above the eyebrows feels great. You can complete the whole thing with just a little bit of a scalp massage, letting that heat sink into the scalp feels really nice.

You can go ahead and put your stones back down. Place this stone in your hand. It's a little less of a temperature so that it can rest right there on her forehead and not be too hot. It's only about 135 degrees.

We're just going to leave that there while we go to the next place on her body and continue on with the hot stone massage. It's deeply relaxing, and this is how you give a facial massage with hot stones.

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