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Should You Neuter a Male Sugar Glider?

Learn about neutering a male sugar glider from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


We strongly recommend that if you acquire a male, or male sugar gliders that you have them neutered. Neutering is important for a number of different reasons. Certainly one of the most important reasons is that neutering will prevent your sugar glider from ever being able to breed. It will also remove the desire for them to exhibit some of those normal male hormonal tendencies.

The other reason that we recommend neutering male sugar gliders is that the surgical procedure is, as a routine procedure, fairly safe, fairly uncomplicated as long as the person performing the surgery knows how to neuter a sugar glider.

It also enables them to most likely get along better. When sugar gliders live in community, when they live with other sugar gliders, and especially if males are living together, neutering them does often allow them to have a more amicable type of relationship together. For those reasons we usually recommend having them neutered.

Sugar gliders have a unique testicular anatomy in that their testicles are held in a small sack, somewhat of a pendulous sack that hangs on the lower abdomen. We will demonstrate here in Moe, what that looks like.

So you can see in this male, this small area of tissue here, that is hanging away from the body is actually what houses the testicles. You can see how surgery-wise, you would have to be able to remove that and be able to remove both of these testes completely. It is somewhat unique in sugar gliders in the anatomy and the appearance of it, but it does lend itself to a routine type of surgical procedure.

When it comes to the consideration about females, the female sugar gliders as marsupials have a very unique, very complicated reproductive anatomy. The spaying of sugar gliders is not commonly performed. The times that it may need to be are when it is medically necessary, should there be reproductive problems, or if it is important as part of managing any type of health concerns. Spaying the female is quite a bit more complicated and is not as routinely performed as it would be neutering the male.

We certainly recommend if you are going to have sugar gliders and keep males that you have them neutered; for both peace in the home, peace in their cage and environment, and allowing for more appropriate and better socialization.

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