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How to Pick a Companion for Your Sugar Glider

Learn how to pick a companion sugar glider for your pet sugar glider from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


We strongly recommend that Sugar Gliders are never kept as a single pet. In the wild, they're known to live in large colonies and large groups. That's really important for both their socialization, for their interactions and for their development as a well adapted, well socialized, normal pet. In captivity, it's strongly recommend to always have at least two Sugar Gliders living together. Some people have been successful in having even larger colonies than that.

Keeping or pairing same sexes does work as well as pairing opposite sexes. In most situations, some people prefer to set up what's considered to be a harem type setup, where there may be one male and two or three females.

As we've already mentioned, we always recommend having male Sugar Gliders neutered in order for them to live in community. But keeping the Sugar Gliders paired up, keeping them in an environment where they can have normal social interaction, where they can be around others of their own kind and where they can exhibit a lot of the normal behaviors they normally would not be able to do, were they not around other Sugar Gliders, is really, really important. And what we consider to be a lot more responsible in keeping them as a well adjusted, well adapted pet.

As I mentioned, keeping same sex pairs works well. As you can see, this pair are both boys. They do live together and they are well socialized and adapted to having a very peaceful environment in order to live.

So bonding and socializing processes are much easier when they are multiple. But, overall, bonding Sugar Gliders, introducing them, having them live together in a community or having them live together at least in pairs is what we strongly recommend for normal socialization. And generally, Sugar Gliders take well to and enjoy the company of other Gliders.

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