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How to Pick a Healthy Sugar Glider

Learn how to pick a healthy sugar glider from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


So one of the most important things to consider when choosing a healthy sugar glider is their overall general appearance. The things that we look for when looking at sugar gliders are that they overall have bright, shiny, clear eyes. That they're alert. They're aware. They're looking around. They're aware of their environment. They don't have any discharge or anything from their nose. It's also important, if you have the opportunity, to be able to look in their mouth. Make sure their teeth have formed normally. And make sure that they're able to climb, and move. They're alert. They're aware. Overall healthiness is going to be an animal that is bright. That's alert. It's responsive to your handling. It's responsive to stimuli and being touched. An animal that persists on sleeping, appears lethargic, doesn't want to interact, or doesn't want to be necessarily touched or evaluated, may be an animal that's not feeling well at that time.

When we look at animals and we're trying to pick a group of them from an environment, certainly an animal that has bright, shiny, clear eyes like Moe here, it's active. It's climbing normally. It's alert. It's aware. It's not showing any signs of outward infectious diseases, or what indicates that an animal is generally healthy. Certainly an animal that may be showing symptoms of illness does need to be seen by a veterinarian. But when you are choosing a healthy sugar glider, and you're looking for the right decision in a group of animals that may be in a pet store, or may be coming through a breeder, or from a rescue organization, you want to make sure that the animal is bright, alert, aware, active, and appears outwardly to be healthy. And not to be showing any signs of any illness or infectious diseases.

So overall, choosing a healthy sugar glider is important. You want to make sure that the animal looks bright. It looks aware. Its eyes are clear and open. And it's showing a normal level of activity and interest. And we certainly recommend if you have any concerns, that you always take your sugar glider to your veterinarian for an exam, and for a posted option evaluation.

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