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How Much Attention Do Sugar Gliders Need?

Learn how much attention a sugar glider needs from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


Sugar gliders definitely require a lot of attention.

Both when they're first acquired and first adopted you want to make that your sugar glider is receiving enough attention and enough of your time so that they can be properly socialized.

The amount of attention that any animal requires certainty is going to be contingent on the type of schedule you have, your availability and the amount of time you have to spend with them which tends to be most critical when they're young.

The younger the sugar glider the more they are afraid. They're insecure. They are going to rely on the companionship of their owner.

So, it's important that if you choose to have a sugar glider you're aware of the amount of time commitment that it requires to both keep them social, to ensure that they've been properly socialized from the time they come into your home and also to ensure that they remain a good stable and desirable pet.

As we've mentioned we always recommend not having only one sugar glider. It's more important to always have at least a pair so that they have each other to interact with as well and they have the opportunity to exhibit normal behaviors when you don't have time to give them attention.

So, overall sugar gliders do require a lot of time. They do require a lot of socialization and interaction. And it's important that they have the ability to have each other. And it's important that they have opportunities to get out of their cage, have time for exercise and also have time for general handling, socialization and play time.

And all the aspects that do into the amount of time and attention that they require so that they become well socialized well rounded pets.

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