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How to Cut a Sugar Glider's Nails

Learn how to cut a sugar glider's nails from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


It's not considered to be routine practice to ever need to trim your sugar glider's nails. Sugar glider toes, feet and their nails are important adaptive features that enable them to climb around, to get through their environment, and also to allow them to function in their environment on a normal basis. So it's not normal for them to need routine or regular nail trims. And generally, it's not something that we feel most people should attempt on their own.

There are certain unique circumstances where a sugar glider may need the nails groomed on periodic times. This may be an animal for some reason where the nails overgrow. Where they're in an environment where they tend to be sedentary. They don't use their feet and they don't climb as much. So the nails become extremely sharp, somewhat overgrown, and they may require some minor grooming just to take the points of the nails back. But in general, nail clipping and nail trimming, nail filing, are all generally not normal aspects of sugar glider maintenance and sugar glider care.

Should you have concerns or problems, or feel your sugar glider's nails are too long, have overgrown or are causing a problem, take them to your veterinarian and have them evaluated and examined. And should they need any type of nail grooming or nail trimming, this should be done by your veterinarian or veterinary staff.

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