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What's the Best Age to Adopt a Sugar Glider?

Learn the best age to adopt a sugar glider from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


There is some controversy surrounding when it is the best and most appropriate age to adopt a sugar glider. Most people would recommend that a sugar glider be re-homed or moved into your home after they finish the period of proper weaning from their parents and proper age for them to adapt to socialization in a new and different environment. Most people would generally use that.

Sugar gliders should be at least 12, and maybe up to 15 weeks of age before they are taken away from their home environment. That's the appropriate age at which they would be weaned, and then, it's an appropriate time for them to learn to adapt to a new environment. Adopting any type of sugar glider that's older than that is probably not a concern. A lot of it just relates to how socialized they are at that time.

There are people that are advocates of adopting sugar gliders from a younger age. Some people have even acquired them as young as six and seven weeks old. Most people would agree that is too young. That is too early for them to be considered properly weaned and it's too young for them to have had that appropriate period of time where they need to be with their mothers. They need to be properly raised and socialized before moving out into a home.

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