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How to Feed a Sugar Glider

Learn what to feed a sugar glider from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


The best way to feed your pet sugar glider is by providing a variety of different types of bowls and different types of feed containers that may hang on the cage or hang scattered throughout the cage and probably sometimes providing a large bowl at the bottom of the cage that contains the fresh foods, fresh vegetables, homemade nectar-type diets and any other foods that are required in their diet.

When it comes to raising sugar gliders, most often, they should be acquired as a pet after they have been weaned. So, they shouldn't need any hand rearing, they shouldn't need anything that relates to the feeding that is similar to raising a baby animal as they will be eating on their own by the time you adopt them. Here's an example of Moe eating a little bit of a homemade sugar glider diet that contains some honey and some fruit purée‎ and some calcium and he seems to really enjoy it and it's very healthy for him to have that. Foods like this would need to be offered, changed out of the cage frequently. These type of foods as well as fresh fruits cannot just sit out in the cage for long periods of time, so it's often required that the food is rotated through the day, that spoiled, stale, or old foods are removed from the environment and replaced with fresh foods as needed.

When you design or set up your sugar glider's environment, having food bowls scattered all around the cage will facilitate enrichment, will ensure that they're active moving around the cage, and will also encourage them to climb and exhibit more natural behaviors. Some people are advocates of having the food placed in items where they have to work for them, where they have to climb through, where they have to dig them out. In cases like that, it's believed that it provides a little bit more enrichment, rather than just offering a bowl of food, which is important for a lot of sugar gliders that may become sedentary. In this case, you can see as well, Moe is enjoying eating some meal worms, which is a popular favorite of sugar gliders as well. Worms need to be kept in the refrigerator until feeding and as well as fruit and other foods, probably don't do well being left in the enclosure for the entire day.

So, overall, feeding your sugar glider requires multiple bowls, different types of food scattered throughout the cage, and offering the variety of different type of foods that a sugar glider needs to stay healthy.

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