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How to Make Your Own Sugar Glider Food

Learn how to make your own sugar glider food from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


One aspect of feeding your sugar glider properly may include making a homemade type of diet for them in addition to the other aspects of feeding them, including fresh fruits, insects and commercial foods. There are a number of well-known and well-published recipes for making sugar glider diets. Your veterinarian has access to these as they've been derived from recipes used in zoos, recipes developed by breeders that they've used to successfully raise and rear sugar gliders, as well as recipes that have been developed by veterinarians that are most appropriate for meeting the nutritional needs of a sugar glider.

Most of these homemade diets specifically relate to the requirement of sugar gliders having a nectar part of their diet. So, some of these would include ingredients like apple sauces, honey, commercial bird nectar diets that are available and any number of other different fruit purées and other components of ingredients that you could easily prepare at home that might be part of your sugar glider's diet. The benefits of making these type of diets allow you to control what goes into it, to know that you're making something fresh, natural, wholesome and free of preservatives and also provide another variable in meeting your sugar glider's dietary requirements.

We recommend that you talk to your veterinarian, discuss with them your desire to make a homemade diet , go over different options for approved and well-known sugar glider type of diets and develop a system that works for you that allows you to prepare a wholesome, freshly made, homemade diet that's part of your entire feeding regimen for your sugar glider.

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