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Do I Need a Sugar Glider Permit?

Learn whether or not you need a sugar glider permit from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


As with all exotic pets and all types of pets, different states have
different laws and regulations that permit you to own and keep a sugar
glider. You would have to consult either with a local health care
department or go online and do an appropriate search in order to find
the state regulations and legislation that would cover whether sugar
gliders would be considered a legal pet in your area.

As far as obtaining a permit, they generally aren't governed by having
pet ownership permits and there are a number of states where sugar
gliders are illegal to keep as pets, or there are specific restrictions
on where they have to be obtained, how old they have to be and the
environment in which you keep them. So my recommendation would be you'd have
to go online, do on Internet search and look for legal issues,
legalities or if there are any types of pet restrictions for keeping a
sugar glider in your state, and determine if that's going to be a

I know that in New York state, sugar gliders are legal, but in New York
city, they are illegal to keep as pets. So in summary, if you need to
determine if it's legal or if you need any type of special paperwork or
permits to own a sugar glider, it's recommended that you contact either
a local health department or local authorities that would know the
answer or to go online and do a search by state and find out if your
state has any restrictions or legislation on owning a sugar glider.

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