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Sugar Glider Myths & Scams

Learn the truth about a few sugar glider myths, and how to avoid common scams, from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video.


There are a couple of common myths that people may have heard about keeping sugar gliders as pets. The first one of these is that they can change their nocturnal lifestyle or nocturnal behavior and this is actually incorrect.

It's a myth to think that you are going to have your sugar glider become an animal that sleeps all night and is awake and active during the day. Sugar glider's nature behavior is to have a nocturnal lifestyle, and it would be completely unnatural for them to have that lifestyle altered.

It's also a myth that sugar gliders don't require routine veterinary care. Any animal, whether they are healthy or sick, should have regular veterinary visits, and sugar gliders are no exception to that rule.

It's also a myth to think that sugar gliders are easy to care for. Their nutritional requirements are complicated. The need to feed them fresh, wholesome foods daily is something that most people would find time consuming and more challenging than they are prepared for.

It's also a myth to think sugar gliders aren't messy animals. They certainly do need to have fresh foods in their diet and sometimes, this lends to a messy malodorous cage and lends to the need for them to have more routine cleaning and more care.

Overall, you know, be aware of what people may tell you that might be incorrect about sugar glider care. Be able to consult people who would know better and determine whether something you may have heard anecdotally is a myth or is really true about sugar glider care.

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