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How to Treat Sugar Glider Diarrhea

Learn how to treat sugar glider diarrhea from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


On occasion, you may find that your sugar glider develops diarrhea. Normally, sugar gliders produce small, formed fecal pellets that shouldn't be soft, overly mushy and certainly shouldn't be of a liquid consistency.

If you find that your sugar glider has developed diarrhea, it's important to consider a few things. One of those is whether they are acting abnormal or acting sick, in addition to having the diarrhea. Secondary, it's important to determine whether it could be diet related, and it may just mean a manipulation in the current diet. It may mean something you fed them is spoiled, or has gone bad. It may relate to captive care and lack of proper hygiene in their environment.

Or the fact that they're eating foods that aren't fresh enough or food that has spoiled or needs to be re-prepared. There are also a number of medical reasons why sugar gliders may develop diarrhea. There is no one, easy treatment.

There is not one medication or one pill that you should expect to be able to treat your sugar glider with. The best thing to do if your sugar glider is sick, or has developed diarrhea, or is having problems, is to seek out a veterinarian, have a consultation and your veterinarian will recommend appropriate diagnostic tests and be able to prescribe and treat the diarrhea, both to get to it resolved, to determine why it may have occurred, and to help you with methods to prevent it from happening again.

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