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What Are the Best Sugar Glider Accessories?

Learn about the best sugar glider accessories from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast video about these funny animals.


Accessorizing your sugar glider's cage and setup and lifestyle is probably one of the most fun aspects of owning a sugar glider. Owing to some of the natural behaviors of gliders.

One of the most important accessories you'll ever have for a sugar glider is going to be the pouch. These type of pouches are widely available wherever sugar glider supplies are sold.

They come in a number of different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. As well as the fact that there are a number of people who make them, or know somebody who can sell, or put together one of these pouches, that are really important to sugar gliders.

As you can see here with little Moe, they tend to really enjoy them and they tend to like hiding in them, being carried in them, being transported in them, and it's a normal aspect of sugar glider lifestyle to be in pouches or sacks.

You can see here as well, that when the sugar glider is in the pouch, if you zip it up, it creates a safe environment, should you need to take your sugar glider out, take them to the veterinarian, or even just put them someplace where they're safe, confined, and they can't escape for a short period of time.

Other aspects of accessorising your sugar gliders do include the cage setup. Most importantly, you want to have even a larger type of pouch hanging in the cage.

You may choose to put hammocks or bedding type options. Some people choose to put a house, almost like a birdhouse, in the environment as a lot of sugar gliders would prefer to hide in that, but it is also is simulated like the pouch.

In cages like this one, you can see there are also various types of toys, things for them to climb on and chew on and play with. There are rope perches that'll give them a lot of environmental movement.

This is a concrete perch which is good for keeping the nails somewhat worn. As many people realize sugar glider nails are somewhat sharp, allowing them to climb around. And then other types of toys.

Some sugar gliders will play with balls. Some of them will play with different types of materials. Some people will hang pieces of rope or string. But depending on the nature of the sugar glider you have, accessorizing their environment, having the proper sugar glider accoutrements is really important to their overall wellbeing.

Owning a sugar glider allows you the opportunity to accessorize, to be creative, to be unique, all while providing all of the unique requirements of what a sugar glider requires in captivity.

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