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How to Care for Pet Sugar Gliders with Dr. Anthony Pilny

Learn about veterinarian Anthony Pilny and veterinary nurse Lorelei Tibbetts, two of Howcast's animal experts, in this video.


Anthony Pilny: I'm Anthony Pilny, and I'm a licensed, board certified veterinarian in New York City working at the Center For Avian and Exotic Medicine.

Lorelei Tibbetts: My name is Lorelei Tibbetts. I am a licensed veterinary technician and a veterinary technician specialist in exotic companion animals. I am a veterinary nurse with doctor Pilny at the Center For Avian and Exotic Medicine, and I'm also the hospital manager where I've been working for the last seven years.

Anthony: We are New York City's premiere avian, reptile, and exotic pet hospital, as we are the only hospital in New York City that caters specifically to the medical and surgical needs of exotic pets. Our policy is that we will see and treat all pets except dogs and cats, and this basically comes from a personal preference. All of us that work at the center enjoy the challenges and uniqueness of working with exotic pets.

Howcast invited us to come here and to have a discussion about a lot of issues related to sugar gliders as they tend to be one of the pets that we see and treat at our hospital. Our website, if you would like to find us online, is, and we are located in Manhattan's upper west side on Columbus Avenue and 87th Street. As I'd mentioned, we only see and treat pets other than dogs and cats. Sugar gliders, like these, are one of the types of pets that we enjoy seeing and treating.

So if you have exotic pets, or if you have an interest in owning any types of nontraditional or non-conventional type of pets, please keep in mind we're there for anything you may need both for the care, health, and well being of exotic pets, like sugar gliders, or any other pet you choose to own.

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