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How to Solder with Jeff Koskulics

Learn about Jeff Koskulics, one of Howcast's soldering experts, in this video.


Hello my name is Jeff Koskulics. I'm here at the Stevens Institute of Technology in the Light and Life laboratory.

I'm a recent graduate, I finished my PhD just this past spring and I'm continuing my research this summer as well. For part of my research I had to develop electronic circuity to measure wave elevation, and developed this board here are part of a project. This circuit measures the elevation of water as the waves pass by; puts out a nice analog signal.

And in doing so, in previous experience, I've developed a number of electronic circuits, and also in my capacity as president of Innovative Niche Circuitry. And I've been doing soldering for probably about 13 years now, my very first job out of college was with the Magnetic Products and Services Group.

I was a gauss buster, where we would demagnetize equipment. And I had a wonderful experience to learn about electronics and learn about soldering and how everything works like that. Here I am 13 years later, and I've got all this experience that I'd like to show you and hopefully can teach you how to solder.

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