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How to Kiss While Making Love

Learn how to kiss while making love from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Sometimes in the middle of a really passionate hookup, you almost forget to kiss your partner because you're so busy focusing on ...other areas. But if you can incorporate some really awesome kisses into your sexy routine, you will take a hookup from good to great. And the way that you do this is to make sure that your kisses match what's going on with the rest of your body.

So if you're in a very sensual, that word's so gross, I know, right, like love making also a gross term, if you're like doing that and it's very lovey-dovey, make sure that those kisses that you give your partner are just as sweet and tender and slow - magical.

But if you're doing something a little bit more, like, you know - a little bit naughty, make sure that your kisses are just as intense and just as passionate. Ladies, put your hand in your guy's face. Put your hand in his hair, give it a little tug. Guys, I don't know, maybe put your hand on your girl's shoulders, a little bit around her neck - don't kill her, because this isn't a Dateline NBC special, am I right? You don't want Keith Morrison narrating your life.

So, just make sure that what it is going on here is matching what's going on here and you will make your hookup absolutely unforgettable.

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