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How to Kiss Someone at School

Learn how to kiss someone at school from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


School might not seem like the most romantic place to kiss your crush, but if you think about it, your campus is littered with super-adorable places to just... get your boo alone and get a little kissin' on! Worst-case scenario: if you can't find, like, a little nook here, a little hallway there, an under-the-bleachers there... you got a binder... and you've got a privacy shield.

Sneak up on your guy and go, like, "Wait, I have to tell you a secret! Oh my gosh! This is so important!" [smooches] "What were you doing behind there?" "Was I reciting the Gettysburg address? You'll never know, will you?"

Male Speaker: She was. She knows the whole thing.

Female Speaker: [whispering] I got this. Yeah!

Male Speaker: She said it [inaudible 00:00:47].

Female Speaker: "Four score, seven years ago!..." That's what you like.

Male Speaker. Boom!

Another great location, guys, is if you have a theater: behind the theater curtain, 'cause then you can just be like, "Hey girl, you wanna practice... lines..."

Female Speaker: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Male Speaker: ... behind the curtain?

Female Speaker: Yeah.

Male Speaker: See. And then... curtain!

Female Speaker: [gasps]

[smooching noises]


Male Speaker: Ways not to get in trouble: 'cause you don't want Principal Belding coming up...

Female Speaker: Phllbbtt!

... and being like, "Demerits!" Uh... OK, so...

Female Speaker: Such a douche.

Male Speaker: Right? So, this is my number one trick, guys. Never failed. Ready? It's this, and, "Hey, I just... let me, let me tell you something." So you have the cup here, like you're tellin' a secret, [laughing] but you're not!

Female Speaker. That's not a secret. That's not a secret, everybody!

Male Speaker: But it looks like...

Female Speaker: Could'a been better!

Male Speaker: But it looks like a secret.

Female Speaker: So do you see how boys and girls use the same kind of trick? Hiding? Fake secrets? Lots of kissing. It's so easy, and no one has to know what you're doing.

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