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How to Kiss a Guy's Neck

Learn how to kiss a guy's neck in this kissing video from Howcast.


Shallon Lester: Kissing a boy on the neck is very different than the way you kiss a boy on the mouth. On the mouth, because you have so many nerve endings you want to be like softer. A little bit more neater. Take your time. On the neck? Oh no, no, no. No, no, no. You wanna like go a little bit bolder. And I know that I always say that if your tongue is really like pokey and hard when you kiss someone on the mouth they're gonna be disgusted and throw up in their mouth. True story. But when you do it on the neck it feels good. Because you have less nerve endings there. So you wanna be a little bit more aggressive.

So girls sometimes like if you're making out with a guy and you want to kiss his neck like he might be like all crunched up while you guys are making out. That doesn't mean he doesn't want you to get there, but you just might have to take matters into your own hands just a little bit.

Yeah, aggrr, he's all crunched up. Don't be afraid to like take him by the jaw and turn his head and be bold. Make that tongue nice and, nice and firm. And do some like figure eights, do some nice, hard strokes. If you suck and bite at the same time, you're entering Hickey Town. You're gonna give him hickey.

Michael Blaustein: Yeah.

Shallon: And like hickeys aren't really that big a deal. You can take care of them like if you just comb them out, like literally with a comb or with ice cubes they'll go away.

Michael: I'm gonna, I'm gonna interject.

Shallon: Okay.

Michael: Hickeys in my advice, don't do them. That's like 1957 and this is 2000 and 12.

Shallon: It, really?

Michael: We've moved past that. We have iPhones. So let's not do hickey. That's my personal thing. If the girl gave me a hickey I would never talk to them again. So I would go no hickey.

Shallon: Alright.

Michael: That's just my personal.

Shallon: So fine. Hickey deal breaker Mr.

Michael: Yeah.

Shallon: MySpace.

Michael: That was good.

Shallon: Okay. And you shut up.

Michael: Okay. That'll make me stop. See, that's a good move. You go neck to ear.

Shallon: Neck to ear. Seamless transition.

Michael: Amazing.

Shallon: It's like a turnpike. One goes seamlessly into the other.

Michael: Right.

Shallon: Don't even have to pay a toll.

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