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How to Kiss to Turn a Guy On

Learn how to kiss to turn a guy on from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: Have you ever noticed that the girls who boys like the most aren't necessarily the girls who put out like everything right away. It's the girls who like keep them just like simmering for a very long time.

That's because turning a guy on isn't necessarily about what you do it's more about what you don't do. So if you're making out with a guy and you want to kiss him to just really like get him riled up; light that fire.

Don't be afraid to like pull back make him work for it and also be spontaneous. Men love to, I guess, be frustrated. There are very things guys do without being frustrated, war, sports, squat thrusts. They all have to be very frustrated to live their life. So help them be frustrated play a little hard to get. This is very different for us girls we don't like to be frustrated we like to just get everything right away. We like buffets.

Men they like microwaves. Big difference. So here's a little demonstration how to kiss a guy to get him like just so frustrated because if you get a man angry you win.

Speaker 2: I'm ready to get mad.

Speaker 1: Are you?

Speaker 2: Make me really made. Yea I'm starting to get frustrated. I want to fight you.

Speaker 1: Fight Club.

Speaker 2: I want to Fight Club you. You can't tell anyone about Fight Club.

Speaker 1: See pull away. Make him come after you. That's a man's natural inclination even physically a woman receives and a man goes forwards. Make that kind of a theme of your hook up. He'll go berserk. Let's go back to the action. Right?

Speaker 2: Yes we should definitely go back to the action.

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