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How to Kiss Step-by-Step

Learn how to kiss step by step from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: Kissing might not seem like one of those things that has very concrete steps that you can follow, but I'm here to prove you wrong. When it comes to kissing, you want to break it down into, like, basically four parts. The preamble, sort of like the constitution, the, sort of like, warm-up of the kiss, the big delicious main course, and then sort of the afterglow. Okay?

So you really need to pace yourself, because each of these portions should be sort of, like, equal amounts of time, and I know that you've had a bad kisser in your life, probably, someone who just, like, kissed you, and just thrust their tongue in your mouth. That's because they skipped over the first step. They went straight from zero to, like, main course, and then they did no afterglow. Okay?

So you want to take it through all four stages to make a really seriously perfect kissing situation. Okay, here's number one. Everyone loves those electric seconds before you actually kiss. Oh my gosh, oh, I'm like so wonderful. I know. Because you can never get them back, like, once they're gone, so don't rush through that part. I know it's awkward, but you're going to look back and the awkwardness is actually, like, the magic.

So, like-

Speaker 2: I had a really good time tonight.

Speaker 1: Yeah!

Speaker 2: The lobster was...

Speaker 1: I know, right? With their little claws, like, and those bibs.

Speaker 2: You looked really cute in that bib.

Speaker 1: Thanks, thanks, I might wear it to prom.

Speaker 2: I want to eat, like...

Speaker 1: Okay. So, um...

Speaker 2: You smell nice.

Speaker 1: Thanks.

Speaker 2: You're welcome.

Speaker 1: That's the warm-up stage. It's really awesome. Again, don't rush through this, because warming up, is pretty hot.

Speaker 2: Fireworks.

Speaker 1: Small ones.

Speaker 2: Big ones. Huge.

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