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How to Kiss Using Your Teeth

Learn how to kiss using your teeth from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Shallon Lester: Ladies. When it comes to kissing, don't make the mistake of thinking that your lips and your tongue are the only instruments at your disposal. Your teeth can also be a really great tool when it comes to making out with your man. But you have to use it very sparingly.

Think of your teeth as like a spice when you cook. You're not going to make a dish where 90 percent of it is salt. Blah. You're not. You're not a cow or a horse at a salt lick. So you want to just sprinkle it in, here and there. And very delicately. Almost to the point that it goes unnoticed, but it's felt.

So if you wanna like bite your man playfully, always go for the bottom lip. The top lip for some reason, like hurts and is just awkward. And you wanna just bite gently and tug, just a little bit. Also if you want to do tiny little nips, make sure that your jaws aren't snapping shut, like a shark, because you're gonna draw blood. And spoiler alert, dudes don't like that.

So I will show you my version of how to kiss a guy with a little bit of nibble, okay? You hold his lip between your teeth. You don't necessarily clamp down or yank. You're not mining for gold. You're just trying to give a little bit of varying sensation. Because the best kind of pleasure is a pleasure that's spiked with pain. What do you think?

Michael: I mean that's 100 percent correct. As a guy you wanna just tug. See? I'm not even doing it and she, she leads me into it.

Shallon: Like a catfish. More.

Michael: There's a slight little, there you go. There's a slight little tug. That's it. There's no, again, there's no drawing blood. It's just a little, little tug. She said not to do the top lip. It's, it's, it's kinda like NBA if you go for the top one. But if you do it correctly it's incredible.

Shallon: Let's see it, I've never had this, I've never had.

Michael: Let's do it. You kind of use your tongue as like a hook.

Shallon: He's right. Sorry about that.

Michael: You're using the tongue as a hook and then you get it.

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