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How to Kiss His Ear

Learn how to kiss his ear from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: Ladies if you've got a guy that you like, don't limit yourself to just kissing the mouth. That's like seeing only major cities and never going to the suburbs. The suburbs are awesome and the ears are the suburbs of the man, full of delightful things like Target, yeah, this analogy got away from me. My point is, don't be afraid to go from the mouth, to the neck, up to the ear or vice versus, go from mouth, ear, neck. This is the delicious triangle, right here, right there, kind of like the Bermuda triangle but

Speaker 2: You never get lost

Speaker 1: Yeah, you never get lost, you never die.

Speaker 2: So much death.

Speaker 1: You know what. So ladies, once again with the flying analogy, when it comes to licking a guy’s ear, you want to circle the airport, you don't actually want to come in for a landing, meaning, you don't want to actually put your tongue in his ear.

Speaker 2: Please don't.

Speaker 1: Yeah it's kind of like a wet wily, there are certain kinds of guys that like, I will say that with a big asterisk, a big caveat, and if they do like it you have to put your tongue very forcefully in their ear, it kind of overrides the awkwardness and they like it. I know, some of them, I've been there. So what you want to do to give a man a good ear job as we call it, you want to turn his head because a lot of times a guy will be, roll over, and it doesn't mean he doesn't want to give you access to his ear, it just means he's in a position that a lot of guys like when they're making out, so don't be afraid to grab his face and turn it over. You want to start at the earlobe, work your way up and around, not in, but just trace these delicious little sea shell curves.

Also, incorporate a very soft breath, not, you're not trying to like, he's no CPR dummy, just very subtle in and out. A lot of times the inhalation of your breath gives a delicious peppermint sensation. That they like. Let's just give it a go. Little tangy nibbles, not bites, nibbles.

Speaker 2: Nibbles.

Speaker 1: Gently suck on the earlobe with your mouth, gentle is the word, not trying to pull it off. See he keeps trying to turn into me because he likes it, it's not that he doesn't like it. Right?

Speaker 2: No this is horrible, no, yes.

Speaker 1: Okay, so even if he keeps turning it's just like a pleasure response and it's not like a response of disgust. If it's disgust he'll go like this, he'll bring his shoulder up to his ear and veer away from you, but if he turns his head, that's a good thing. Try that. If you're going to use like little, delightful breaths, things, blow on his earlobe, not like right into his ear, because that is like loud and weird. So blow on the earlobe and trace around the top, because if you blow on it while it's wet it's like even more stimulating. Okay.

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