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How to Kiss without Tongue

Learn how to kiss without tongue from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Shallon Lester: Don't think for a second that kissing without tongue is any less sexy than like a French Feast 2012, because it's not. If you do it right, a nice sweet, tongueless kiss is the sexiest thing on earth. Think about when people get married in a church. They're not like Frenchy, French, French, French. You know, it's not like tongues every which way. Probing for gold in each other's mouth. It's like sweet, soft, lip only.

So if you're going to go for a tongueless kiss, focus on the lips. The bottom lip is where the greatest pleasure is. So if you are the kissing partner lucky enough to get the bottom lip. Yep. Actually, no. You get my bottom lip. No, no I get yours. Okay. Sorry.

If you get the bottom lip, suck on it gently, like take it between your teeth. Just slight little tugs. Very, very gently. You're not trying to pull it off and take it home and mount it on your wall. Consequently, if you are the one kissing the top lip, my baby boy has some tips for you.

Michael Blaustein: The top lip is, doesn't get as much attention as..

Shallon: No.

Michael: it should.

Shallon: It doesn't.

Michael: It's just left out there. The top lip's like, "Hey. I want some love too." You can do it, guys. Watch. So what you do is..

Shallon: Tell um. Tell um about it.

Michael: I'm gonna tell um. I'm gonna tell um about it.

Shallon: Tell um.

Michael: I should tell um.

Shallon: Tell it.

Michael: So what you do is, it's the tongue, hook, under the bottom.

Shallon: Little bit of top and.

Michael: Little.

Shallon: This is not like a tongue kiss. This is merely a vehicle to get lip on lip.

Michael: It's the hook.

Shallon: Uh huh. Yeah.

Michael: So you hook it with the tongue.

Shallon: Right.

Michael: And then you grab the top lip. Again.

Shallon: Right.

Michael: Not crazy. Don't Great White Shark it. No one wants blood.

Shallon: We're gonna show it again. Okay?

Michael: We're gonna show it again. Maybe seven more times.

Shallon: Eight.

Michael: 12. 12 more times. 30, 35 more times. 30, 35.

Shallon: Even hundred. An even hundred.

Michael: 600 kabillion times more times.

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