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How to Kiss When Playing Spin the Bottle

Learn how to kiss when playing Spin the Bottle from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: You guys want to know a secret? My first kiss was when I was 18 after senior prom playing Spin the Bottle. I know. I know. It was lame. But if you guys have yet to have your first kiss and it just so happens to occur during a kissing game, here's how you can get through it. All right. If it happens during Spin the Bottle or Seven Minutes in Heaven or whatever it is, girls be reserved and let the boy take the lead.

By the way, this is my advice for actually all kissing scenarios, so listen up, follow directions. And dudes, if you happen to be in the opposite position, make sure that you take command of the situation. So, let's demonstrate. Oh, it happened to point to us two.

Speaker 2: That's crazy. So I guess that I should actually kiss you now?

Speaker 1: Yeah, I guess that's the rules or whatever.

Speaker 2: OK.

Speaker 1: You don't want to break the rules.

Speaker 2: I'm going to kiss you now.

Speaker 1: So cool.

Speaker 2: OK.

Speaker 1: Yay.

Speaker 1: By the way, note his hand on my chin signifying command. He's taking control of the situation. Girls, relax. Let it happen.

Speaker 2: And don't forget to breathe. OK. A lot of people don't breathe. Breathe.

Speaker 1: I know. Passing out during a make out sessions, surprisingly not that sexy. Notice how the boy did not thrust his tongue into my mouth. He's already won the prize by getting to kiss his lady love. OK. Not lady love, but lady bottle spin. So, just because you get to kiss a girl doesn't mean you have to jam your tongue into her mouth. Kiss her gently and acceptably and you might just get to kiss her again.

Speaker 2: Also, one last tip. Once you kiss the girl in front of all your friends, everyone's going to be going to you 'woo-woo.' Don't let them distract you. Just stay focused. OK. Be proactive, be aggressive, and subtle.

Speaker 1: You have a golden opportunity to impress your partner with your kissing skill so tune all those other people out, focus on what you're doing and let the magic happen. Don't rush it, don't be vulgar, just, I don't know.

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