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How to Tell Someone They’re a Bad Kisser

Learn how to tell someone they're a bad kisser from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Female Voice: You guys want to see something terrible? Great.

Oh God, blech. I know that you've encountered a kisser just this disgusting. Someone who's all tongue, terrible hands, slobber everywhere. And you might really like this person and you don't want to break up with them. How do you tell them? We've got some ideas.

Do you know what I really like?

Male Voice: What do you like?

FV: Is like, I don't know, I like saw this in a movie.

When you say that you saw something some place else, it takes your partner's ego out of the equation.

So I was, like watching this movie, and they were kissing like really slow and, just kind of worked up to it, and it was like, so sexy. You know, we should try that sometime.

That way, you're not directly dissing your partner's skills, but giving them a different option to cling on to.

What do you think?

MV: I think everything you said was good.

FV: Another way to talk to your partner about their absolutely God-awful kissing skills is to basically take all the blame yourself.

So, I'm like kind of weird when it comes to kissing. I have this really specific way I like to be kissed, and it's like soft at first, and then like, really, like, build up to a little bit of tongue and then like a little bit more and a little bit more, but it's, like, just really slow and sexy. I know, I'm like so weird and random, cause.

MV: That's weird.

FV: Weird, right?

MV: Yeah.

FV: What other girl on earth likes that? (every girl)

That was, you taking all the blame off of your partner and kinda putting it onto yourself. And I know that it sucks to pretend like you're the freak show in this equation, but really, do you want to dump your partner, or do you guys want to get better at kissing together? The choice is yours.

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