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How to Kiss Confidently

Learn how to kiss confidently from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: When it comes to kissing, it's really hard to feel super-confident in your skills, whether you've been kissing for a month or ten years, or four years, or whatever. So this is my secret little trick to feel better about your kissing skills and your self-esteem in general.

Pick a movie character that you really, really admire. For me, it's Angelina Jolie in the movie "Original Sin" which is like...

Speaker 2: Oh, so hot.

Speaker 1: hot.

Speaker 2: She's so hot.

Speaker 1: It's old and it's really random, but honestly in that film she taught me everything I need to know about flirting like biting your lip, and tilting your head down and looking up. Being sexy and strong and also being vulnerable, perfect for me.

So find a movie character that you admire, and when it comes time for you to display that confidence, go in your head and say, "I am Ashley Tisdale in 'High School Musical'," and it probably won't be her because, let's be honest, who wants to be. But pick something that makes sense to you.

Speaker 2: Mine is Ryan Gosling from "Crazy Stupid Love". He has confidence. He looks a girl in the eye and says, "You want to get out of here?"

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: See, works every single time .

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